DJI S1000 flight ready incl. Futaba FX22, A2 flight control and SLS 16000 V2 6s1p battery pack

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26 Juni 2018
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This DJI S1000 Drone was tested but never in use so it is in a very good condition and flight ready together with the included A2 flight controll, the SLS 16000 V2 6s1p battery pack and the already fully programmed Futaba FX 22 remote controll. A battery charger has to be bought separately. I used the Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo + Chargery S1500 switching power supply.
The drone carries a weight of about 6kg (13,2 pounds) and has an extended landing frame that enables larger objects like a gimbal with a camera to be mounted underneath.